Sunday, March 6, 2011

Folio Investing's Views on the Benefits of Reducing Investment Costs

Folio Investing is an innovative, unorthodox online brokerage firm founded by former SEC Commissioner Steve Wallman.  At the SEC, Steve was a leading advocate for the change to "decimalization," among other reforms.  "Decimalization" is the notion that stocks should be quoted and traded based on dollars and cents prices rather than dollars and dollar fractions prices (e.g., "7 and 7/8ths").  The reduced "spreads" that resulted from "decimalization" continue to save investors significant sums.

Just a guess:  Steve designed Folio Investing based on his observations -- accumulated over years -- about what online brokerage firms should be doing but weren't.  Many of the Folio Investing site's features are well thought out, resulting in fewer clicks and less time to get done what one wants to get done.  Folio Investing is in some ways like a Mac computer in a world in which other online brokerage firms are PCs.  We've been Folio Investing customers for several years and recommend the firm's services.

To get back on topic:  Folio Investing's views about investment costs can be read here.  Those views are reflected in the firm's ultra-low costs, which add to the value the firm provides its customers.  

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